Dec 2016 / Elite Power series

'dynamic and slam is the most significant increment..' Elite BAC3000 Pre-con

Plixir Elite BAC 3000 Preconditioner model anchoring customer setup of Ansuz
Mainz D8 distributor, Accuphase C600 Integrated Amplifier and C37 Phono
stage, Lumin A1 music streamer and Bergmann turntable.  Speakers are Focal.

Je's Comment

First, The dynamic and slam is the most significant increment on my system
compare to have direct connected to the wall. Imagine like we ''install
turbo charger in car''

2nd improvement the image is more palpable , better body and separation
between instruments and singer. 

I still prefer to have my ansuz mainz d8 distributor in series compare to
direct all my equipments to the elite, since i've been in ansuz camp for
years and all my cables loom are ansuz.
Highly recommended!

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