Aug 2016 / Elite Power series

Elite BAC 1500 gave me a cleaner background and higher transparency to the sound,....

Thoughts on BAC Elite 1500.

Coming from the previous BAC 1200, the new Elite 1500 is much bigger (more than the model number difference implies) and offers significantly better build quality - this is a polished product from any angle. Its use of the new bFly-pro footers shows real commitment to delivering a reference-level product. Over the BAC 1200, the Elite 1500 gave me a cleaner background and higher transparency to the sound, and a greater sense of unrestricted dynamics. With some time in use, you forget its presence and just enjoy difference it makes. Features-wise, the indications at each power inlet is useful. Power amps should go to inlet 1, pre-amps, DACs and other equipment should go to inlets 2 and 3. Overall, the Elite 1500 is an impressive piece of kit and works as advertised, delivering clean, unrestricted power which is easily heard.

Update after removing the Elite 1500 from my system: I first plugged in a passive distributor to replace the Elite 1500. The sound become more lifeless although the overall tonality remained the same, and my conclusion here is that the Elite 1500 is a very neutral tonally, while providing the benefits described earlier. I then returned to my BAC 1200. Immediately, the sound got back its “liveliness” and was even more “lively” than the Elite 1500. It was a also clearly warmer  (albeit slightly) than the Elite 1500. V.s. the Elite 1500, The BAC 1200 seemed to introduce its own signature, and lost in in quietness and control. If you favour neutrality, the Elite 1500 is the way to go.


Customer Ed on the Elite BAC 1500

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