Jan 2017 / Elite Power series

"..improvement is not subtle. So much more 3D like and micro details.."customised Elite PSU

Hi James, now that I have been listening to the Singxer SU-1 for a month or so I can share some of my thoughts. Before I got the Singxer I was feeding the usb output  from the Melco N1A to my NAD M51 DAC.  The sound was good but when I fed it via the  iFi iusb 3.0 regenerator it was even better. More body and 3D like.

Then you asked me to try out the Singxer and I must say that the sound went on to a different league: more details, tauter bass and more analog like. I was using the AES output of the Singxer for my NAD and the coax output for my Teac UD 503. When listening to dsd materials I will use the Teac as the NAD does not support dsd playback. Equally stunning when playing through the Teac.

The final piece to improve this setup is the customised PLiXiR Elite psu I purchased from you and the improvement is not subtle. So much more 3D like and micro details. For your info, I am using the NAD M2 amplifier to power my Vivid Audio speakers in my very small room and I cannot listen too loudly because of the small space constraints. And yet the music takes hold, very lifelike and clear.

Due to the space restriction I have placed the Singxer on the floor. You can see this in the pic, sitting on the parquet floor next to the right speaker.

The Singxer Elite psu is located behind the rack so can't really be seen in the picture.

James, thank you for your fine value products.


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