Mar 2017 / Elite Power series

Music sounds more natural and engaging.... Elite BAC400 for desktop set up

Here is my review of my Plixir Elite BAC 400, hope it's in time!

I had first heard about the Plixir series of power conditioners at CanJam Singapore 2016. I have little space for my home desktop setup, so I was intrigued by the Plixir line of compact power conditioners with balanced technology that met my space requirements and promised cleaner power. After trying them out at James' showroom, I just had to order one for myself.

My desktop setup consists of a Cambridge Audio 840C CD player (modified by James as well) and a Woo Audio WA22 tube headphone amplifier. With both connected to the Elite BAC 400, I first noticed a lower and darker noise floor as compared to using my previous Japanese-branded power strip. And after a few days of settling down, I further noticed better dynamics and a more layered and precise soundstaging. Music sounds more natural and engaging. The Elite BAC 400 complements my setup excellently, allowing them to perform even better, and I want to thank James for introducing me to this great product.


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