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Plixir Elite products reinforced the strengths and positive attributes that they bring to the system they power

My last encounter with James' Plixir product was the older elementa BAC3000.

Prior to that, I had James custom build me a Plixir DC Power Supply for my Wyred 4 Sound (W4S) Music Server MS2. Both products brought a palpable and easily discernable improvement to the overall audio presentation of my humble system (W4S MS2 to W4S DAC-2 DSDse to Parasound Halo A21 power amp to Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M standmount speakers). And I thought that would be it. I was very pleased with what the BAC3000 had done with my system's sound. It improved clarity & dynamics through an enhanced sense of silence.

Improved grip on the lower frequencies, and more life-like fleshed out three dimensional presentation. What else could I ask for. Then came a familiar call by James, informing me about his new Elite series. "Your one (BAC3000) is first generation. The new Elementa we change to a better transformer design. The Elite is all out assault for best performance.  Cost no object actually.", said James. "Can loan..... Never try , never know ...", he added. And I was baited. Soon I found myself picking up the loaner Elite BAC1500, which was just right for my system set up.

Suffice to say, after 18 days of on and off auditioning, once again I found myself marveling at the fact that the latest iteration of the Plixir Power products (Elite series) could wrought yet again further improvements to my system sound. Naturally, my reference point is to compare the Elite BAC1500 against the BAC3000. As you can imagine, it was a tedious process.  I had to turned off the Plixir product each time I had to do any comparison. But the effort paid off, and I firmly conclude the following:

The BAC3000 has an emphasis at the high frequencies. The details also sounded etched. The Elite BAC1500 really tightened up the low frequencies of my system. It was quite obvious in how it removed the flabbiness. It also made the overall sound more organic, less digital sounding. And a tad even more life sounding. The soundstaging was also a tad wider in terms of presentation, with better depth. In short, the Elite BAC1500 is clearly a better and improved product over my original BAC3000. So you can guess what happened next. I'm now a proud owner of the Elite BAC1500.

Over and above this, James also asked me to try out having an Elite BAC150 to supply my two W4S products. "Why not", I thought to myself. In goes the Elite BAC150 into my system. After some time spent auditioning it, I found that it did improve the overall sound (again, despite having the Elite BAC1500). In my system, there is better separation (in terms of imaging) and overall clarity. The bass also became better defined. And this is just running my DAC through it! Overall the sound presentation was also quieter.

The reverberations from voice and instruments could be easily heard.

Clearly the two Plixir Elite products reinforced the strengths and positive attributes that they bring to the system they power. I had the products for several months now, and I am still enjoying the sound they contributed and brought to my ears. In my mind, they are worth every cent spent. I would highly encourage anyone looking for good power conditioning products to consider auditioning the Plixir Elite series of power products. James truly got something right with them. Highly recommended.

Harry Review on Elite BAC 1500 and bac 150

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