Master-1 set
  • Master-1 set
  • Mater-1.5 set
  • Master-2 set
  • in brass material

bfly Master series

The Master series is suitable for HiFi components and loudspeakers. Price in 4-piece set basis. 

Master-0 : max 5 kg/set      DxH 32x15mm

Master-1 : max 20 kg/set     DxH 44x22mm

Master-1.5 :max 35 kg/set   DxH 44x22mm

Master-2 : max 55kg/set      DxH 44x22mm

Master-3 : max 75kg/set      DxH 55x15mm

There are options in brass material, screwable and height. Please send in your inquiry.

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S$178.00 (W/out GST)

S$178.00 (With GST)

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bfly's absorber is using its propitiatory MLA (Multi-Layer Adjustment) technology to attain the most natural sounds desired by most audiophiles and music enthusiasts. MLA, which involves the use of several carefully matched absorbent materials such as cork, rubber and Sorbothane absorber, allowing you to eliminate up to 90 percent of all intrusive vibrations, avoiding read errors and thus achieving an optimal sound.

The complex layer model : from top to - down

  • Cork Rubber mixture
  • Massive Aluminium as separator
  • Cork Rubber mixture
  • Sorbothane
  • Natural rubber