Power Base absorber incl Earthing module
  • Power Base absorber incl Earthing module
  • with earthing module
  • Power Base absorber incl Earthing module
  • Black and Bamboo

Power Base absorber incl Earthing module

With the Powerbase, bFLY combines the complete knowledge about absorption and electronic shielding and manufactured in very complex processes. The sonic result is a significant improvement in the direction of more natural and transparency

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For the body, bFly has chosen three-coated wood of Bamboo. Bamboo has, according to their intensive studies, until now the best behaviour on reduction of vibrations. With the three layers of the Bamboo and their technology of MLA (Multi Layer Adjustment), to achieve a maximum of broadband filtering of vibrations. For the feet , they used their PRO-fessional feet with 4 layers, which are Sorbothane, rubber and granulate of cork-rubber in two different heights.

Additionally,on the upper and lower side 3mm aluminum plates, which are spirally mounted with an damping polymer adhesive.

Totally the base consists of 11 layers of different absorber layers. So the Powerbase is very extensive and costly in production, but with an excellent sonic result.

A very important attribute of their new reference base is the targeted deduction of electronic smog.
High-frequency radiations are increasing more and more by mobile phones, WLAN etc. These radiations disturb the sound significant in the form of a hearable unrest. Therefore, the PowerBase has on the lower side an aluminum plate, which is grounded via cable and a special earthing plug. You put the Earthing Plug simply into one of your power socket and the radiations will be grounded over your power grid.

General Specs

Absorber base using bFLY's MLA Absorber Technology with Sorbothane, cork and natural rubber

- 30mm wood of Bamboo with 3 layers
- 3mm fine anotized Aluminum on the upper and lower side
- 3 MLA Absorber feet; high adjustable
- Size L and XL has 4 MLA absorber feet
- Dimension (WxDxH):
S 250 x 300 x 56 mm
M 440 x 350 x 56 mm
L 500 x 400 x 56 mm
XL 560 x 460 x 56 mm

- Weight: S: 2,8 kg M: 5,6 kg L: 7,6 kg XL: 9,5 kg
- Loadable: S and M -  55 kg;   L and  XL - 70 kg
- Color:  black, Bamboo nature