with DHLAB XLR connector
  • with DHLAB XLR connector
  • with Neutrik XLR connector
  • with PLiXiR RCA connector

Canare L-4E6AT-G

The L4E6-ATG interconnect cable from CANARE is a special version of the popular L4E6-AT star quad interconnect and microphone cable.  Utilizing Oxygen-Free Copper conductor in place of the normal copper conductor, the L4E6-ATG has noticeably more inner details, a lower noise floor, better tonal accuracy, a more full bodied and less harsh sound when compared to the standard L4E6-AT, without sacrificing the L4E6-AT’s neutral balance and PRaT. Prices below are per pair basis. If desired length is not listed, please send us an inquiry.

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S$99.00 (W/out GST)

S$99.00 (With GST)

For local delivery, charges may apply. For international orders, please email us at sales@mysoundaffairs.com.

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In our view, this is the best studio cable for home audio use.  You will not go wrong with this cable as a starting point towards building your audio system, or if you value absolute neutrality and accuracy for your listening pleasure.  

Select the termination that you need or if you need custom termination, please send us your inquiry.