Melco - N100 Music Library
  • Melco - N100 Music Library
  • Melco - N100 Music Library

Melco - N100 Music Library

Melco introduces the radical new Model N100. Staying true to every aspect of a Melco high performance digital music library, but at a new price point. Melco has broken new ground with an exciting new cosmetic, stepping away from traditional Hi-Fi component design. N100 offers a new convenient form factor, based on a chassis of 215mm width – half size compared to conventional full size Hi-Fi. N100 is the same size as the newly introduced D100 CD Loader and E100 Expansion
Drive – this means that components can be conveniently placed side by side to match other Hi-Fi components.

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N100 uses the same extreme low-noise high precision digital music dataflow of the existing Melco series. N100 is designed from the start as an audio specific device – it uses no standard IT components or PC parts.

Internal storage is 2TB HDD. Easily expandable by either IT USB HDD or the Melco E100 to maintain sound quality. USB connected DAC allows the N100 to perform as a self-contained local HiRes Digital Music player. Data rates up to 32bit 384kHz and Octo DSD are supported.

General Specs

  • Dimensions(W×H×D) 215 × 61 × 269 mm
  • Weight : 3kg
  • AC Input:100–240 V, 50/60 Hz (max. 30 W)
  • DC Input:12 V, 2.3 A
  • Power Consumption:Max. DC 12 V, 4 A
  • Max. Output Current: DC 0.5 A