PSI Audio - AVAA C20
  • PSI Audio - AVAA C20

PSI Audio - AVAA C20

AVAA (Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber) works like an active bass trap and is the solution for room mode problems between 15 – 120 Hz. 

The AVAA is designed to absorb the standing modes between 15 and 150 Hz in a room. It will do so just like passive absorbers but in a much more efficient way and using up much less space. Each operating AVAA will have the same effect as a hole in the wall much larger than the dimensions of the AVAA (that is 0.2 m2). The exact ratio will depend on the frequency and environment but typically range between 5 and 20.

The AVAA will affect the impedance of the air and “suck” low frequencies around it.

Therefore the best position to place an AVAA is in the most rigid corners as that is where all room modes will be most present.

It is important to work on the positioning of loudspeakers and listening, as the AVAA will have little effect on inevitable first reflections.

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Product Key Features

  • It is an efficient solution for room mode problems in low frequencies
  • It works independently from any source of sound and doesn't alter it
  • It is stable with no settings or measurements required
  • It can be used in recording room, control room, listening room or any room that has low frequency problems
  • It simply works like an acoustical element in the room
  • It can be turned ON and OFF to alter the acoustic environment
  • It can easily be moved into different rooms
  • It doesn't emit any sound
  • It has a small footprint and is a cost effective solution
  • It is 100% analog - no DSP, no latency

General Specs

  • Net Weight 13 Kg
  • Voltage 115/230V±10%(50-60Hz)
  • Mean / Max Humidity < 75% / < 90%
  • External Temperature 5 - 40 °C