DAC (Digital to Analog Converters) Modification

With our in depth knowledge and experience in digital audio systems design, we have been providing quality modification services to DACs for customers all around the world. See our CV here.

At sound affairs, we design our own modifications modules to control the performance and quality of our modded equipment. Our modules, evolved over more than 10years of refinement, are state of the art and proven in hundreds of modded equipment.

And if you wish to know why modifications of quality equipment brings you the best value for the buck, see this link  WHY MOD page.

Customer’s reviews and testimonials are the best affirmation of our mod services. Please click here for the reviews on modified DAC.

We choose the DAC models to mod with great scrutiny. They must have great fundamental design and parts, is capable of extremely high end performance after mods and offer something unique. Starting with the DSPeaker Dual core 2.0, we will also expand to Processors in the coming future.

For both Singapore and Overseas customer, we ca offer signature or premium mod services. You can either bring/ship your existing DAC for modification, or buy a modified, new unit from us.

Click here for more details on the warranty policy.

Below are the models which we recommend for modifications. These models are sound in their basic design, and offers great value in stock form, and after modifications, capable of exceptional performance. We also modify other makes and models of DAC. Please contact us for more details.

  • Benchmark DAC 1 (DAC1, DAC1-USB, DAC1-Pre, DAC1-HDR) modifications
  • Benchmark DAC 2 (DAC2-HGC / DAC2-D / DAC2-L) modifications. 
  • Eastern Electric Minimax / Minimax plus DAC modifications. 
  • Mytek DAC modifications
  • Parasound ZDAC modifications
  • TEAC UD-501 modifications
  • DSPeaker Anti Mode 2.0 dual core
  • Schitt Audio Bifrost
  • Schitt Audio Gungnir
  • Oppo HA-1