Jun 2014 / Oppo BD Player

Premium modded Oppo 105D..sound quality that was really impressive

This subsequent review was actually based on 2 Oppo player level mod from us. The first part of the review is based on our Premium mod for digital section on Oppo 105D (Linear Power Supplies, and Low jitter clock for digital section only). It does not contains any direct mods to the analog section to the Oppo (for the RCA and XLR output). Even so the improvement to the digital and analog output of the player is substantial.

May 2014 / General

with the Plixir Power conditioner.. immediately hear the digital noise being eliminated. Background instruments become more layered

I switch to the same music I was listening before and wow! I could immediately hear the digitalnoise being eliminated. Background instruments become more layered. Overall, the instruments and voice became cleaner than before. There is better soundstage than before. I must say this power con is doing justice to my current setup and I bought the entire set in the end.

Apr 2014 / General

More details reveals with modded BBE

Finally I managed to spend some time testing the modded BBE with some of my fav tracks. I play Heifetz's Tschaikovsky Violin Concerto, which is one of the faster versions of the concerto, and right away I noticed pace and momentum of Heifetz's violin is exercised with more precision and details. The overall sound with BBE on is transparent and dynamic yet polished.

Feb 2014 / Oppo BD Player

From skeptic turns believer on Oppo 103D mod

With all honesty, I have been a sceptic on the quality of video of Oppo players although they are highly regarded in the audiophile arena. Not to
mention a modded Oppo player for a better PQ. 

Now that I am convinced..I can't wait to lay my hands on one of these upgraded Oppo 103D by James from Sound Affairs.


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